Where Everybody Knows Your Strain: Detroit Says ‘Cheers’ to Cannabis Bars

Posted by Derek Champoux
5 years ago / November 7, 2019

Where Everybody Knows Your Strain: Detroit Says ‘Cheers’ to Cannabis Bars

Cannabis Lounge

Last November, Michigan became the first state to legalize cannabis in the Midwest. The state took to it well, with residents voting in favor of legalization and sales projections for 2020 coming in as high as $949 million, according to some experts. 

Detroit has already opened several thriving dispensaries and now the city is preparing to launch a new type of establishment: “cannabis bars.”

The current expectation is that cannabis bars will be able to receive licenses to operate in the near future. This trend will likely spread to other Michigan cities shortly after.

About Cannabis Bars

Detroit’s cannabis bars are set to operate on principles similar to those of ordinary bars. Traditional bars give people a safe place to consume alcohol so that they are not consuming it openly in public places, such as parks or streets. 

Michigan currently prohibits the consumption of marijuana in public spaces, so this concept makes sense for cannabis. These bars will provide an opportunity for locals and tourists to consume cannabis in an enclosed, social environment rather than out in the open.

Cannabis bars will be able to sell cannabis and cannabis-based products, such as vapor pens, but will be prohibited from selling food or alcohol. Licenses will be provided by the Marijuana Regulatory Agency, which will begin accepting applications this month.

The Start of a New Trend

Lounges and bars are a new trend in the emerging legal cannabis industry. As locations roll out, they contend with different regulations and workarounds in each region.


The First Legal Consumption Space

The Lowell Cafe, California’s first legal cannabis consumption space, opened on October 1st in West Hollywood. But unlike the Detroit lounges, the Lowell Cafe is able to serve food, albeit not cannabis-infused food. Patrons are permitted and encouraged to bring their own to the establishment. Customers also cannot leave the cafe with marijuana purchased there and are subject to a charge similar to a wine-corking fee when consuming their own cannabis onsite. 

Despite being a haven for cannabis consumption, The Lowell Cafe is not nearly as hazy and smoky as you might expect. To comply with strict ventilation guidelines, the restaurant has installed a state-of-the-art filtration system that sucks the air out from consumption areas and sends it through a charcoal scrubber. This is similar to the filtration systems used in casinos. The Lowell Cade also has live vegetation and living walls to further clean and purify the air. These precautions will likely guide other cannabis bars through ventilation issues and regulations going forward.

In time, the regulations may evolve to create a simpler model. But for now, cannabis lounges and bars are making the effort to keep the process as simple as possible.


Unlicensed Weed Cafes & Lounges

While legal consumption spaces are still new, unlicensed cannabis cafes have been operating in cities like Toronto for years. Although they are occasionally ticketed or shut down, authorities have often turned a blind eye toward them in the past. As licensed establishments begin to pop up, it is likely that authorities will begin to crack down on illegal cafes and lounges with more regularity.

Benefits of Cannabis Bars & Lounges

Educational Centers

Cannabis bars are a good place for people to learn about safe and responsible cannabis use. The staff and patrons can help educate new users in a safe, controlled environment. They can help with everything from choosing products to learning how to use a vape pen or how to dab.

Although cannabis is legal in a growing number of places, it is still important for users to educate themselves on safe and responsible use. Cannabis cafes offer an opportunity to improve education.


A Place to Consume Legally

Where cannabis is legal, consumption is typically still banned in public places. This is a problem for people who live in apartments or condos where smoking or vaping is prohibited. By providing a space for people to consume legally, cannabis lounges make it easier for people to comply with laws.


Keeping Marijuana Out of the Home / Away From Kids

It’s not just smoking and vaping bans that can keep people from consuming at home. Many parents don’t want to risk exposing their kids to marijuana. A cannabis lounge is an easy solution.

Parents can hire a babysitter and go out for a date night at a cannabis lounge. Many of them offer events, like comedy nights, to entertain on these nights out. This allows the parents to consume cannabis legally while keeping it away from their kids.

Vapor Pens for Cannabis Bars & Dispensaries

As more cannabis lounges, bars, and cafes open up, being able to provide a great experience will become an essential aspect to gaining a loyal customer base. A big part of that is having the best cannabis hardware and products.

Cannabis bars offer a potential solution to the US black market vape crisis. They provide a space where people can learn about, purchase, and use safe, high-quality devices from reputable companies and manufacturers.

Lounges and dispensaries are turning to cannabis producers who use the highest quality vapor pens. They offer the best vape flavor and reliability. At Greentank, we offer vapor pens with the latest innovations and world-class design.

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