How Greentank Is Changing Cannabis

Posted by Derek Champoux
6 years ago / February 9, 2018

How Greentank Is Changing Cannabis

Innovating An Industry In Desperate Need Of High-Quality Hardware


The Current Cannabis Industry

The change and evolution of the cannabis industry over the last 12 months has surpassed it’s growth and political acceptance than at any other time in history. We’re in a revolution that we have not seen since the end of alcohol prohibition. Although cannabis culture has a strong hold in certain communities, its mainstream power is just beginning.

With the industry virtually in its infancy, we’re certainly seeing some of the growing pains. In particular, in the vaporization hardware sector. For too long, the market has been flooded with low-quality, poorly designed devices that were mainly developed for the e-cigarette industry. And for those that know, cannabis concentrate is a much more complex product than e-cig juice.

When Greentank started, we saw a market in need of innovative, better performing devices. Producers and extractors spend a ton of money (and not to mention an exhausting amount of time) to perfect their extracts, bringing out distinct aromas, flavors, and concentrate levels. These oils and wax based products are being put into devices that are not meant for cannabis. This is the catalyst that drives Greentank forward. Developing high-quality, high-performing devices that are engineered, designed, and thoroughly tested specifically for the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Vaporizer Hardware 101

No oil is created equally.

We know that there are dozens, if not hundreds of different variations of extraction methods. This is why Greentank takes the time to understand all types of viscosities and develops custom intakes, materials, and airflow designs to create optimal vapor quality and taste each and every draw. Each product is meticulously designed by experts that understand the cannabis industry.

The number one rule is always using the highest quality material. Duh. By using high end, clean sourced ceramics, the flavor, and terpene profile from each device are clean and pure. Forget about that burnt taste you experience from traditional products.


True-Taste Ceramic Core Technology

Each Greentank hardware is built using innovative True-Taste Ceramic Core Technology. As mentioned, each device has a built-in ceramic core that is direct to the heating source. This eliminates the need for burning coils and other impurities and gives the user only the cleanest, most flavorful vapor possible. If you want to truly bring out all of the unique properties and profile of your oil, there is no better device to deliver that experience.


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