GT Evolution

Understanding The Importance Of Oil Purity And User Experience

Designed For Keeping Your Concentrates Consistently Pure And Fresh

The GT Evolution was built to solve the primary issues that concern producers with the purity of their oils once inserted into a vape cartridge. With the GT Evolution, your oil is sealed airtight with zero wick or coil contact until customers first use the device. This allows the oil to be free from oxidation and any chemical reaction during its entire shelf life. The airtight seal and cartridge also guarantees a leak-free experience, every time.

  • Longest Shelf Life Available On The Market
  • Zero Contact with Wick or Metal Coil Until Activation
  • Sealed Cartridge Prevents Any Unwanted Chemical Reactions
  • Cartridge Delivers 100% Original Flavor Straight From Production
  • Smooth, Crisp Taste With Zero Harsh Kick Or Irritation
  • Custom Etching Options Available

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